Stockholm Social Web Meetup

Text: Stockholm Social Web Meetup. Fediverse icon in Stockholm city’s official colors.

First event: 2023-11-20 at Goto 10. RSVP

In 2023, millions of people experienced a digital displacement. Policy changes at Twitter and Reddit disrupted online communities. Many migrated to a new kind of social network that allows them to follow friends and interesting people without intrusive advertising, questionable algorithms deciding what they should see, or a new CEO banning them arbitrarily.

The next great social network is just the Web. A new technology standard (ActivityPub) turns any website into a social network profile that can be followed, liked, and commented upon. It allows people and organizations to fully own their online presences, digital relationships, data, and control of their experiences.

Over 10 million people are now using social web apps, including the European Union, the BBC, and Greta Thunberg.

This meetup will be accessible to everyone, not just technologists. Please come if you are an influencer, marketer, activist, artist, or just a lover of cat memes.