Jefferson Forest High School @ 50

My high school invited former Student Council Association members to commemorate the school’s 50th scholastic year. This is my submission.

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Good morning, JF. Today is some day, August x-teenth, 2022. I’m Jeremiah. And this is Cavalier Corner. Well, not really. This is my home in Stockholm, Sverige, or Sweden.

I wanted to share this video since I won’t be able to join the 50th anniversary of the school and the 20th anniversary of the Class of 2002’s graduation in person.

In high school, I spent a lot of time in a closet. Not just because I’m gay and wasn’t out yet, but because in 1999, I was part of a group of students who created JF’s video morning announcement show, Cavalier Corner and our first studio was in a tiny closet in the library.

When JF was renovated, a great new studio space was created in 2016. The studio was named in honor of my mom, Mary Vinoskey Cohick. She graduated from JF in 1980. We even had some of the same teachers, a generation apart. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was in the seventh grade.

And one of the ways that I dealt with that pain was to get involved in my community and extracurricular activities. Cavalier Corner gave me a reason to smile and say good morning, even when I didn’t feel it. That meant a lot to me. It was one of the many opportunities to create that helped me find a successful career.

I’m also forever grateful for my experiences on the Sabre yearbook staff, the Student Council Association, and DECA.

Education and community institutions matter more than I ever appreciated as a teenager. I hope this video message finds you well, with a heart and a head open to new ideas, different perspectives, and forever seeking truth.

Happy 50th, JF. Now, go make it a good day.