Tonight, I finally won an EVVY! I won Best Interactive Project at The 26th Annual EVVY Awards for The 25th Annual EVVY Awards Enhanced Webcast.

My speech

I've been nominated 8 times in 4 years, but this is my first EVVY! And it's such an honor to win with this team and this project.

There are too many people to thank in 30 seconds, so i've listed them on my website just so that i can share this:

Dr. Jane Shattuc said, "All media is now new media," and she's right. We are the iGeneration, the internet generation. We are the first generation to have every means of professional media production for personal use and we will be the first generation to leverage the only medium that is going to matter in the next century.

I interned this past fall, graduated in December, and have worked non-stop for five months in LA. I assure you this: The Hollywood system is scared of us because they know we are the first generation that's not going to let their system suck away our art for their bottom line.

We've got to return to the liberal intellectual property laws that our country established in our Constitution and make a real living with our art to influence the world.

It's not idealism. It's what can happen when we make Expressions Necessary to Evolution. I'm proud to be part of the people in this room tonight. It's been a great four years Emerson, peace!

Thanks to...

  • My mom: for being a proud geek mom and the one who always encouraged my creative expressions
  • My dad: for being here tonight
  • My grandparents: for helping me bankroll this journey
  • Pete Chvany: for teaching
  • The Honors Program: for providing the liberal arts classes that opened my mind
  • EVVYs crew, past and present: for building a legacy in addition to great shows and giving me something like this to work on
  • Greg, Llora, Jack: for helping to develop and work overtime on this crazy idea
  • IT, Rich Grossman: for all the necessary technical support and the spirit of cooperation
  • Allyson Sherlock, Bob Cusamano, DPL Staff: for providing a positive learning and working environment
  • Mark Fish: for editing my VO for this project overview
  • Apple: for making an amazing open-source streaming server, powerful hardware, and promoting MPEG-4 H.264
  • Last, but not least, Arthur: for supporting me through sleepless nights, providing criticism and endless encouragment, and being the perfect partner in creative endeavors and every moment I'm with him

Photo of Jeremiah accepting EVVY for Best Interactive Project with Greg Hutchinson hugging Bob Cusamano by Kevin Mastman