2020 Investments

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I am excited to announce my latest investments: Wifi Dabba, Aptera Motors, and Easy Solar.

Wifi Dabba

$25,000 franchise agreement

Wifi Dabba laser router and point of presence tower on a roof against a skyline.

Wifi Dabba is creating the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable ISP for the next billion users in India. Less than 7% of India has broadband access. Service expansion has been inhibited by the challenges of building an underground fiber network. With backing from YCombinator and VY Capital, Wifi Dabba created a laser-based (free-space optical communication) router capable of 100 gbps. The company is now building a 100-point mesh grid network to bring affordable and high-quality Internet access to the 11 million people in Bengaluru. Instead of more venture capital, the company is selling 6 year franchises of each point-of-presence with a guaranteed minimum rate of return.

Facebook and Google have both attempted digital colonialism as ISP operators in emerging markets. I believe in the power of the Internet, but I believe it is best brought to market by entrepreneurs in those markets. I believe in Karam Lakshman and Shubhendu Sharma as founders. I think their strategy of a coalition of franchise investors is smart in retaining control of their business and sustainable for the expected investment-to-return ratio. Bengaluru is the first city, but I foresee both the technology and business model working in many other places.

As of now, there are only 40 franchise opportunities still available in Bengaluru. More info

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Aptera Motors

$1,000 regulation crowdfunding

Jeremiah with 2009 Aptera prototype. The Aptera logo and Aptera 2020 prototype in a desert.

2008 was an exciting time. President Obama got elected, I got married, and I pre-ordered the most innovative electric car at the time. Some of my earliest tweets were about getting to see an incredible prototype in 2009. Sadly, the company closed when it was not able to secure the same federal loans that sustained Tesla. A decade later, the company has reformed with an updated ambition and a new prototype: an electric car with a 1,600 km (1,000 mile) range with 64 km (40 miles) on solar power alone.

I no longer live in a place where I need a car, but I believe affordable electric mobility is a smart bet on the future. Aptera is taking advantage of Regulation Crowdfunding and it is my first investment of this kind. More info

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Easy Solar

€1,000 loan via Trine

Woman pushing a button on an Easy Solar home control

90% of the rural population in Sierra Leone does not have access to electricity today. The country is among the lowest electrification rates in the world. Easy Solar is a leading provider of off-grid solar products in Sierra Leone, where over 50,000 households now use its products. This loan finances the manufacturing of solar lanterns, solar home systems, and larger custom systems.