What I Was Up To Then

I moved

I moved to Stockholm, Sweden on April 1st. My husband was offered a great job opportunity at Spotify’s headquarters.

I need a new job

I recently wrapped up four years at Fitbit. Fitbit couldn’t find a way to employ me in Sweden. It was the best job I’ve ever had. I’m taking some time off, but actively entertaining interesting opportunities.

My dream job would be an API architect for a company that likes JSON API and produces a product in green tech or fintech.

I’m probably spending too much to attend a conference

I’m attending JSConf EU for the first time in May. I can’t wait to explore Berlin and meet people in the European JavaScript community.

My 3 goals over the next 90 days

  1. Write a long form and a short form blog post a week. I’m building up about a month of content before publishing them here.
  2. Catch up on the latest JavaScript, Node.js, Ember.js, CSS grids, OpenAPI Spec, Docker, Kubernetes developments. I loved working at Fitbit, but I didn’t get to use latest tools. So I’m catching up.
  3. Prepare one outstanding vegetarian dinner a week. I don’t like cooking, but I need to get better at it to reach my weight training (and finance) goals.

Thanks to Taylor Davidson for the /now page tip.