Hi, I’m Jeremiah.

I’m a Californian living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have worked for Spotify, Fitbit, Disney, Apple, and a bunch of failed startups. I currently work for InVision. You might not have heard of it, but your designer friends most certainly have.


  • I once shared my experience switching to Mac OS X in a commercial for Apple. I said my legal name in the commercial and I had an above average online presence in 2002. This resulted in much unwelcomed contact and criticism for a high school student who hadn’t yet figured himself out. It also led to several incredible friendships and job opportunities. This was an experience that happened to me, as opposed to something I accomplished. It was exciting at the time, but I’d much rather talk about the active decisions, accomplishments, and failures in my life.

  • I popularized the phrase “developer experience” to describe the use of user experience research and design methodologies for developer-focused products. Prior to my writing and speaking at conferences, there were no Google results for the use of this phrase in this manner.

  • I have worked at three failed startups. I’ve been a co-founder (Digital Dandelion), a first hire (Awe.sm), and employee 50 (GoTV Networks). I now prefer companies that have both started and up’ed.

  • I am a Democratic Socialist. I believe in capitalism and a guaranteed basic income. I agree with Robert Reich on most economic issues.

  • I am a supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, Demand Progress, and probably anything Larry Lessig establishes. I believe that the right to privacy is a requirement for the right to free speech. We’d be crazy to not fight for both.

  • I survived a helicopter crash. It was my first time riding in a helicopter. I’ve taken one helicopter ride since then. As far as I’m concerned, helicopters only have a 50% success rate.

  • I have been an environmentalist since I was 10.

  • I am an unabashed atheist.

  • I am gay. My identity has been defined more by the struggle for acceptance and equality of my sexuality than by my sexuality. I think of myself as many other things before being a gay man. I hope this is what equality eventually should feel like.